WCA Fall Turkey Outing

Report by Sandra Squeo

Photos by Emmy Hendrickx, Jon McPhee and Gary James

Sandra, a new WCA member, joined Gary James and the gang for her first-ever turkey trip. Here’s her take on what is easily the most creative, and certainly the tastiest annual WCA outing.

“The WCA turkey trip was a huge success. The rain didn’t dampen our experience, it actually brought us closer together……literally. Great tarping job guys, risking life and limb, climbing trees to get just the right pitch.

On Saturday, as I walked amongst the trees, I came across many ‘pop-up’ kitchens creating delicious appetizers from stuffed jalapenos, bacon-wrapped oysters, fresh spring rolls and fried halloumi cheese. Closer to the shoreline, our chefs were busy with garbage can turkey and a new addition, a leg of lamb. Add to this some potato and veggie dishes and then some cranberries and mint jelly – topped off with many wonderful desserts. Wow!! All this created in the wilderness.

That evening we were entertained by Mike and his ukulele around the fire. The food didn’t end there. Sunday morning, Fred and Penny treated us to back bacon, cheese and egg on an English muffin. Yummy! This was my first WCA trip. Do you guys always eat like this?! Thanks to all who helped put together this fantastic feast.”

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