WCA YouTube Channel

We thought it would be appropriate to remind members to check out the club’s YouTube
channel. You can easily find it when you google “Wilderness Canoe Association YouTube
channel” and/or navigate to this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_dgYg7NV2FIkOdKG2ru6pw/videos

Several weeks ago the WCA YouTube channel fulfilled the requirements to be monetized, and
will start to pay the club depending on how much traffic we generate. It would be awesome if
you can help by watching posted content, and get others to watch them. If you like what you see,
we ask that you engage by selecting the “Like”, “Subscribe” and “Alert” buttons. Feel free to
share our video links on your Facebook page and other social media accounts.
We are also always looking for club members’ content. If you would like to add your content
contact us at info@wildernesscanoe.ca

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