Kazan River Cairn

Letter from Sandy Richardson

I read the exchange of correspondence between John Martin and David Pelly in the Winter 2021 issue of Nastawgan about the cairn at Kazan Falls with some interest. I can add a little more information that readers may find interesting.

The Kazan River cairn in 1977.

When we were there in 1977, we knew there would be a cairn having talked to both Fred Gaskin and George Luste. The “stick” (really a 2×4) the Gaskin party left was still there, lying beside the cairn. It had suffered some animal chewing at one end, but was still quite legible. The “Beaver Nut” can that contained the notes in a plastic bag, mentioned David, was in good shape at that time, as were the notes inside it.

The “stick” left by Fred Gaskin in 1973, the note left by George Luste in 1974, two notes from 1975, and our 1977 note. You can see the “Beaver Nut” can.

We added a note to the cairn and another “stick”, just because Fred Gaskin had; we had only planned to add a note. I don’t recall, but the “stick” must have been in the vicinity.

Our “stick” along with the Gaskin group’s.


Sandy Richardson

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