39th Wilderness and Canoe Symposium

The last in-person Symposium took place in 2020, on a cold February day before most of us knew or understood the meaning of the word “Covid”.  What we do know, today, is how much we missed the incidental chats in the line-up for coffee and muffins, the deep silence of 500 people listening to riveting stories, the wild-goose-honk of George Luste’s time signal horn, the sense of community, connection, joy, and passion for our people and the adventures we have shared.

So it is with full hearts and winds at our back that we are thrilled to announce that WCS is back on in-person!

The event will take place on 24th February between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. at York University in Toronto. Program will feature ten speakers and will include live music performance by Jerry Vandiver and Caitlin Evanson. 

Speaker’s Podium will be shared by Cat (Mark) Criger, Dave Greene, David & Dawn Robinson, David Pelly, Dan Wong, Jim and Charlie Boon, Pat Lewtas, Lee Sessions, Carolyn Hyslop and Jeremy Ward, Matthew Boyd.

Visit WCS website www.wcsymposium.com or WCS FB page for more details, or contact Aleks Gusev at aleks.gusev@gmail.com  

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